Are all commercials boring or are some boring and some interesting? AlienI don't know smileThinking smileSleepy smileIf they aren’t selling anything then why do they have to come on? Who me?The point of commercials is to help business sell stuff like a car from Toyota or some back to school stuff from Sears or Walmart. Nerd smileBut other wise if people/businesses aren’t selling anything then what if they’re freaken point? I so happy I have dish were I can just skip through the commercials. Open-mouthed smileVampire batHot smileFlirt female               Thumbs upc ya 4 now


South Park

Anyone know the show (South Park). lol good show. Very very funny. but is your favorite character though? Mines Kyle. lol idk why.


Which show is the best?

.South Park

.American Dad

.Family Guy

.King of the Hill


.Duck Dynasty


Austin and Ally Show Fanfiction

Will the show Austin and Ally make it? I hope they do because if they cancel it a lot of fans would be crushed and disappointed. But how many people watch it??? How many people are fans of Austin and Ally or R5 or Laura? How many he know about Austin and Ally show? Or R5 or Laura? And how many people like any of them or how many people read about them? Or how many things they read about them??? Everyone ask they’re selfs these questions. But not a lot of people do anything about these questions or ask around. We I am so while you have the chance to answer. ~~~Then answer. This could be your only chance or not. Either way, comment….. ❤ at least your opion, cause this is your chance…. ❤

Secret Teen Fanfiction

Who and Amy were really meant to be?
Ricky and Amy or Ben and Amy?
We’re Ben and Amy really meant to be, if it wasn’t for John (Ricky and Amy’s baby) would Amy and Ben got married after high school, and had their own kids? Or would Amy still married Ricky, and had kids of their own?
What would Secret Teen be like without Adrian or Ben? Or without Ricky?
I think way to boring and weird. I also think they’re all a great part of the show and series. Especially Ricky. I mean if it wasn’t for him, Amy would of never even became pregnant.
But I want to know what all he other Secret Teen fans think.? 😀 Heart!!!!!!!!…… ❤

Austin and Ally Singing Careers

Could Austin and Ally’s singing careers ever be joined together? If they’re singing careers where joined together could they handle it? If they joined careers and got back together, could they handle all the pressure? Would there be any pressure? Would it be to much?
Or should they stick to their own singing careers?
These questions are the only questions their hearts and them could answer. Any one else could too. But like before, if any one else answered theses questions, then it would be an opion. But if they did, or if one of them did “(Austin & Ally)” or one of their hearts answered one of these questions, it would be a fact.
Although like before, I want people’s opions first. Then the fact… 😀 Heart!!!!!…..