Justice for Molly

22year old woman named Molly passed not to long ago. A gun shot to the head.
She went to her boyfriend’s apartment bc he texted her he needed her help so of course she came right on over to his apartment and the next minute she was dead he said that she suicided herself but she is right handed and the gun shot was on the left side of her head. But the twist is that he is a police officer….????…..
Justice for Molly!!!


Austin and Ally Love Fanfiction.

Okay this about the tv show Austin and Ally and I just got this app so… Yeah. Anyway.
Yes Austin and Ally did date…..what’s what? Do they still love each other? Or is they’re love forbidden in they’re hearts? Only they’re hearts can answer these questions. If anybody else answers these questions then it would be a opion but if Austin or Ally does. Then it’s a fact. Only they’re hearts could answer these questions. But I want to know people’s opion then the fact.
Are they meant to be together? Or are they’re hearts forbidden from each other? Should they one another? Are they perfect together? Or should they be broken apart?
Will it ever be awkward for them around one another? Will it be to awkward, till where they can’t stand the awkwardness?
The last questions
Wi they ever forget about each other if they spilt or any other time? Or do they constantly think about each other? And will they’re lives ever just be normal again? As in no more awkwardness.?
Just friends???